Friday, December 28, 2012

following atticus BY Tom Ryan

following atticus BY Tom Ryan

This year (2012) my mom got a dog. Her dream was always to own a Cocker Spaniel and now she does. While helping her look for her dream dog, now named Bingo, I came across many Schnauzer puppies, so very cute and I fell in love! Then for the Salt Lake County Library System’s Reader Choice for July-October, one of the selections was following atticus BY Tom Ryan. I instantly wanted to read this book and am so glad that I did, I loved it!

This true story is about a great adventure in the White Mountains of New Hampshire! This is a touching tale of man and dog and how they help each other through tough times and life in general. Tom & Atticus’ journey is worthy of this book and more.  Among their personal struggles, they set out on the greatest adventure of a lifetime; to climb all the four thousand footers in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I can see this venture being on the bucket list for many people, especially after reading this book. No, it isn’t on mine, but I can’t bring myself to make a goal that involves climbing to heights that would make my heart stop, literally…not wise for a person with a fear of heights and no courage to overcome that fear! I will just happily continue to live vicariously through others, like Tom Ryan & Atticus! Especially if their stories are as amazing and interesting as the one we read in following atticus! Besides, my bucket list is pretty full, in my opinion, but that is a topic for another post on a different blog! (

I love quotes and here are three great ones from this book:

The genealogist in me loved this quote from pg. 83 and I emphasize to make note of said memories for those to come: “I could almost hear her southern accent as she typed, “Keep making memories…and send them by the wagonload!””

Another great quote that the genealogist in me loved is from pg. 112: “Death, like birth, was part of the package of life. She had come to peace with that. It was those of us who were left behind who struggled with it.”

In closing and to summarize their journey, let me share what I believe is the best quote and also a piece of wonderful life advice, it is from pg. 53: “…I’d like to think that if we can get our lives just right and become who we were always supposed to be – if we become the people we dreamed of being when we were young and pure and innocent, then and only then do we find our way home again. I don’t think many make it. There are just too many distractions and obstacles. Yet I’ve come to believe that the worst we can do is to give up looking for it.”

You can view the same review on goodreads, where I gave it 4 of 5 stars! Now, you go read it, live vicariously through Atticus and Tom and then come back and let me know what you think, K?!