Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Black Book of Colors BY Menena Cottin

One day I was at the library and in one of the displays was this book:  The Black Book of Colors BY Menena Cottin I just had to check it out, literally....

Growing up, one of my best friends was blind. She did have sight as a younger child and lost more sight as time went on and she grew older. She knew what colors were what and continually lost more sight until she was even losing the ability to see shadows. But there are millions more blind people in the world that have not had the advantage of sight to know what colors are and I think this short 22 page book for children is a great visual, as it were, to help people understand their blind friends a little better. Unfortunately there are many in this world that think of blindness as a huge weakness or disadvantage in that they can't allow themselves to understand that a blind person, even a completely blind person, can be very independent and very successful as a contributing member of society!

This book is awesome! It is ALL black and even includes braille. I love how it describes the various colors, but my favorite is, for brown: "Sometimes it smells like chocolate, and other times it stinks." It does have pictures, but they, too are all in black, but can be seen....well, you just have to get the book for yourself and see how amazing this book is....truly inspired!